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Houses in France are “sold as seen” and may have defects that are not apparent to the untrained eye or may have aspects that will require significant future investments, particularly with older stone buildings.

Full pre-purchase surveys are unheard of in France, so many British buyers resort to calling in a UK surveyor at a huge cost. Whilst these services can reveal major defects, a never-ending (and costly) list of where the paint is chipped and the wallpaper is peeling is not strictly necessary... 

Some aspects may be considered normal in France or superficial and of no consequence, but may result in a damning report from a surveyor.  What is important is the context. How representative is the condition of the property in relation to the general market? What major defects are there, if any (cracks, subsidence, water infiltration, timber damage, bodged renovation…)?
What aspects may require further investment, now or in the near future (roof, rendering,  windows, shutters, electrical system, foundation draining, septic tank…)

RKG Renovation Services has over 20 years of experience of properties in the Vendee and surrounding departments, with a sound knowledge of the methods of construction used locally, the renovation methods that may already have been employed, the defects that can be found and the key areas that always need examining. 

You can choose from a meeting on site and a verbal run-through of the property, or a detailed inspection report. If there are any areas of concern, we can advise on the likely costs involved.

We can also provide an assessment of the conversion potential for attics and outbuildings.

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Pre-purchase property diagnostic - Vendee and surrounding departments

It’s always a good strategy before committing to a purchase is to have a global estimation of future renovation costs. This can include any repairs that are urgently needed, some of which may be negotiable in the purchase price, or any alterations that you consider essential.

RKG Renovation Services can advise you and provide estimates to help establish your future renovation budget for your chosen property.

Act of sale - mandatory reports

The seller is under obligation to have independent specialists verify certain aspects before sale. These documents must be provided at the time of the initial signing (Compromis de Vente) :

  • Presence of asbestos
  • Termite & wood insect infestation  
  • Presence of lead
  • Condition of gas installation
  • Overall energy consumption

These documents will obviously be in French and will contain a fair amount of technical jargon. RKG can either provide you with full translations of these, or simply advise you on any aspects that have been brought to light and that will require rectification.

Property inspections and advice for home buyers

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