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Septic tank filter bed
Compact filter bed
Septic tank with pre-filter
All functions in one unit
The need for complance with the regulations

Modern installations use a multi-part system which combines all the functions of pre-filtering and digestion in one compact unit. The final disposal is then via a filter bed.

Whilst this can seem a daunting prospect, the modern solutions are compact and efficient and can be easily installed.

The modern "septic tank" is in fact a complete multi-part system which ensures thorough treatment of all the waste water from the house in one integral unit. Plastic and composite materials have now superseded the older concrete tanks, offering ease of fitting and longer life. The final disposal is then through a filter bed which is created in the adjacent ground. The size and type of filter bed will be based on the land survey, in function of the nature of the sub-soil. A ventilation is provided, usually at the nearest high point (for example, the gable of the house).

The only restrictions to bear in mind are that the filter bed must remain open ground with no trees or shrubs and that the system can not be under driveways or parking. It is possible to place the system in ground higher than the house, using a pumping unit.

Efficient solutions
  • Determining the condition and capacity of the existing system
  • Feasibility and position of the new installation.
  • Organising the individual land case study through a registered "bureau d'étude".
  • Submitting the paperwork and obtaining the authorisations.
  • Establishing costs and timescales.
  • Co-ordination and management of the works.
  • Final inspection and certificate of conformity. 


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The environmental regulations in France require that adequate waste water disposal is provided at a residential property, whether this be mains drainage or septic tank.

Many properties, particularly in rural locations, have out-of-date septic tank systems which do not comply with the current regulations. These may also not have sufficient capacity to deal with the actual configuration of the property, where additional demand and further bedrooms may have been created over the years. Many of these older installations are a constant worry, with frequent smells, overflowing and blockages.

Any substantial modification to the property, involving planning permission, will automatically need the septic tank installation to be examined and brought up to the current standards.

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