RKG Renovation Services

23 years experience

Creation of new openings in dressed stone
Traditional lime pointing
Decorative brick window casings and arches
Stone carving and sculpture
Repairs to damaged stone walls


In the example above, it was possible to save this outbuilding from demolition by reconstructing using the identical methods of the original. Further new openings were created at the same time.


For complete fallen or condemned leaning walls, a two-part reconstruction procedure can be employed, using a block interior face and a stone exterior face.



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Service One

Your English speaking builder in the Vendee

Replicate opening in dressed stone

Specialists in repairs and modifications of stone walls

Reconstruction of stone walls and corners
Crack repairs in stone buildings

Even the most severe cracks, from top to bottom of a two-storey stone house, can be repaired and consolidated effectively. The method that you should avoid is the usual "stuff it with cement", which is largely ineffective in the long term. Our tried and trusted method involves full reconstruction of the affected area, incorporating bridging elements, giving you full peace of mind for the future.

RGK specialises in repairs and reconstruction of stonework.  We can cover a wide range of your needs, from simple crack repairs or new openings, through to saving buildings with severe degradation.

Broken limestone lintels and damaged casings

After careful examination to determine the causes, it is possible to completely replace a cracked stone lintel with a custom-made identical piece. In some instances, for central breaks it is possible to open up and add a "key-stone".

If loading on the lintel is the problem, then a "discharge arc" can be added in the masonry above to prevent reoccurrence.

Similarly, your damaged door and window casing sides can be repaired definitively with custom-made stone inserts.

New openings for doors and windows in dressed stone or brick

We can create new openings identical to those of your original building in new dressed stone. (In areas of the Vendee where brick openings are common, we can replicate these exactly and we also specialise in creating brick arches.)

Other possibilities include moving one side of a door opening to install wide patio doors, or adding a traditional "bulls-eye" oval window stone.

Made to measure stone features

Whatever your project, we can create any dressed stone or carved elements that you need - steps, copings, pillars, emblems, hearths, etc..

Rendering and pointing of stone walls

RKG are specialists in traditional lime rendering and pointing. The use of lime is essential in retaining the hygrometry balance of stone properties and protects from water infiltration, rising damp, mould and degradation of the stone. 


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